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GlobalWin VOS32 Heatsink (Page 2/2)

Posted: February 22, 2000
Written by: Greg "Dyre" Heasley
Unit Provided by: The Card Cooler


For testing I ran 2 hours of UT in 640x480 to stress the processor. I also ran SETI@Home in the background to catch any stray CPU cycles. I conducted tests with and without thermal paste, with the CPU at 450 mHz, 464 mHz, and 504 mHz. I left the case open and tried to keep ambient temperature stable.
450 mHz 464 mHz 504 mHz
Old Heatsink w/out paste 91.3 F 92.9 F 95.9 F
Old Heatsink w/paste 90.2 F 90.9 F 94.1 F
GW VOS32 w/out paste 89.6 F 90.5 F 92.7 F
GW VOS32 w/ paste 85.1 F 86.2 F 89.1 F

Ambient Temperature at 70.2 F

As you can see the GlobalWin performs very well (remember, lower is better), although I was surprised how well my cheesy POS heatsink worked. See my smaller heatsink w/ 2 fans in the pictures above. Notice the size difference between the two different coolers. The GlobalWin is a very impressive performer and I'm sure I could get my pIII 450 to 600 if my motherboard had a PCI divider using this cooler.


GlobalWin definitely produced a winner with the VOS32. It is extremely well built, big, and nearly half the price of a Athlon HSF. It is also a great value for anyone who might want a new CPU, but doesn't want to fork out $30(US)-$60(US) for a new HSF. The optional 80mm fan duct is also a very cool add-on for this already great product. If you've got about $35(US) lying around and need a new HSF, go grab a VOS32... that's if you can find one! Thanks again to The Card Cooler for providing the test unit.

[+] Good
  • SECC1 and SECC2 in one package
  • Big
  • Good Instructions
  • Very complete kit
  • Half the price of similar Alpha HSFs
[-] Bad
  • Big
  • Very Loud
  • Might need some tweaking to make it fit.
Overall Rating: 9.4

This product has received the extremely rare Tweak3D Barrel of Monkeys award for quality and outstanding excellence:

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