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GlobalWin VOS32 Heatsink (Page 1/2)

Posted: February 22, 2000
Written by: Greg "Dyre" Heasley
Unit Provided by: The Card Cooler

GlobalWin introduced its new line of large socket heatsink/fan combo's (HSF) with the VOS32. The VOS32 is a huge heatsink and is the first to fit on both SECC1 (Pentium II / Athlon) and SECC2 (Pentium III) processors. The GlobalWin is relatively inexpensive, available for about $30(US) from The Card Cooler. NOTE: Due to heavy demand, The Card Cooler is temporarily out of stock of the VOS32, but is taking backorders; they expect them by next week. Coming in at about half the price of a Alpha cooler is the VOS32 worth it?

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Ratpadz rule!


  • Two YS-Tech 60mm x 60mm x 25mm, 27cfm @ 34.5 dB each Fans
  • Large 119mm x 75mm x 45mm Heatsink
  • Mounting kit for SECC1 or SECC2 CPUs
  • Nice Retention Clip
  • Thermal Paste (Blister Pack)
  • 3 pin Fan Y-Splitter
  • Cool 'Puffy' GlobalWin Sticker (Okay, I lied... it's not cool, just 'puffy')
  • Nice illustrated Instruction Sheet


The Kit comes assembled ready to mount on a Pentium II or Athlon. We are going to be testing the VOS32 on a pIII 450 so we had to convert the kit to work on a SECC2 CPU. To do this you must disassemble the HSF and simply follow the directions. Everything is labeled as right or left and goes together very quickly. Next spread a thin layer of thermal compound on the slug of your CPU and slide the VOS32 on. Secure the HSF with the provided retention clip (which I found very cool), slide it into the slot (the CPU slot, you sicko), and plug in the fans, using the provided Y-Splitter if necessary. Now start fraggin'!

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Test System:
Pentium III 450
Generic BX board
Windows 98
Generic HSF w/ dual 50mm fans
GlobalWin VOS32

The VOS32 is huge, but it fit great on my board. It doesn't block a single DIMM on my board, but I believe it will block 1-2 DIMMs on most ABIT boards. My board just happens to have a ton of space between the Slot 1 and the DIMMs. The fans are offset to the top part of the heatsink which might help it clear DIMMs on smaller boards. I also believe it will fit on the tight ASUS K7M with a little trimming and repositioning of the fans. GlobalWin obviously tried to accommodate most boards with the VOS32.

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