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GlobalWin FOP-38 Review (Page 1/3)

Posted: March 23, 2001
Written by: Dustin "TimmyC" Jones
Supplied by: Heatsink Factory


The computer cooling industry is not just for hobbyists anymore; itís grown into a huge market looking to snatch the consumer up in its noisy spinning claws. The most widespread part of this industry is CPU cooling. Todayís CPUs, while very efficient, generate a lot of heat. In addition to that, the overclocking boom we're seeing is producing some massively hot CPUs. With all this heat, good cooling and heat extraction is a must in order to keep the CPU running happily.

Quite a few companies have risen up to meet the demands for superb cooling, and in this review I am writing specifically of GlobalWin. Although fairly new, GlobalWin has an excellent product lineup of heatsink and fan units, known from this point as HSFs.

I recently acquired a FOP-38, GlobalWin's biggest, loudest and most effective HSF to date. How does it fare? Is it worth the money? Well, this is a review isn't it? You usually find that stuff out in reviews don't you?


Before we delve into the actual review, why not check out the specs on this mammoth. This is straight from the GlobalWin site:

Part Number: AFB0612EH
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Rated Current: DC 0.16A
Input Power: 3.84WATT
Bearing System: 2 Ball Bearing
Fan Speed: 6800 +/- 15% RPM
Air Delivery: 37.61CFM
Noise Level: 46.5 dBA
Fan Safety: CE, UL, TUV Approved
Fan with RPM signal output: Yes

Heatsink dimensions: 70mm x62mm x 37mm
HS material: Anodized Aluminum 6063

Clip: 077 /064
Clip material: Steel SK7 ( Quality Metal Clip )
Thermal Interface: T-725
Thermal Resistance: l0.316 C/Watt
Connector: Molex 2510 / 2695 3 pin
Total Weight: 200g
Application: Suitable for Socket 462 Duron & Thunderbird

Wow, 'dem are some impressive specs! What it says on paper and what it does in real life can really differ though, so lets get into that review.


Nobody wants something to be ugly -- not even a heatsink/fan. Sure, your computer case may be covered and you can't see it, but a flashy HSF makes you feel so cool. ;) While the FOP-38 doesn't look as cool as my Chrome Orb or another Orb style HSF, it does look pretty spiffy. At first glance, the extra large and nicely anodized heatsink will impress you. It looks very cool. The fan itself isn't anything special to look at, but because it's so damn powerful, GlobalWin includes an awesome looking grill to protect your wires (and fingers) from being shredded into nothingness (bonus marks for that).

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