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eVGA GeForce 4 MX440 Review

Posted: May 9th, 2002
Written by: Tuan Huynh


It sure has been a while since Iíve done a graphics card review, well to be exact, since the ATI Radeon VE was the last graphics card review, as Iíve been mainly specializing in motherboards and audio lately. Nonetheless Iím back in the graphics game, this time with this review on eVGAís e-GeForce 4 MX440 graphics card.

eVGA has only been around since 1999, yet theyíve been receiving a lot of publicity lately. When NVIDIA announced their GeForce 4 line of GPUís, eVGA was among the first to announce products based around them. Over the years eVGA has earned many loyal customers, due to their graphics cards performing very well and being priced well below cards with similar specifications. With all that said and done, letís take a look at the card!


Since NVIDIA has a good reference design that works relatively well, why fix what isnít broken? The eVGA MX440 is based on NVIDIAís reference design. As you can see, the PCB is just the typical green and not red, blue, or whatever other creative color they could think of. To keep the prices down, eVGA has chosen to sacrifice the DVI connector and only equip the card with TV Out and VGA outputs. Nonetheless since the majority of users whoíll buy this card will most likely only use the VGA out, a lack of DVI connector isnít of much importance.

The eVGA GF4 MX440 is equipped with eVGAís patented, but weird looking ACS cooling system. It is made out aluminum and seems to feature a few fins considering itís a video card cooler. Though a copper heatsink would perform better, the GF4 MX440 GPU itself doesnít run warm enough to require a copper solution. The ACS system uses a blower type fan, much like the ones used in the PCI slot card coolers.

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