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Evergreen Technologies' RumbleFX Force Feedback Headphones (Page 3/3)

Posted: March 29, 2001
Written by: Chris Burek
ERP: $59.99 USD

Game Performance (cont.)

Now I'll be honest. The force feedback can become a bit too much, especially in situations when you have a multitude of low frequency sounds. When playing Gore and Quake III multiplayer, I found it became almost overwhelming at times. Either lowering the volume, or lowering the force feedback setting, however, can counteract this.

After removing the headphones, I found my head still experienced an after-effect from the unit, where I felt as though my head was shaking. Long periods of use may result in headaches, which it did in my case, but only after several sessions.

Music & Sound Quality

If you expected the sound quality of the headphones to be inferior due to the main focus of force feedback, you're dead wrong. Sound clarity and harmonics are rather impressive, however I found there to be a lack of bass in sound playback, unless you enable the force feedback. Music is played back very clearly, and songs using deep bass make good use of the force feedback. Another impressive note - I took the volume up as far as I could personally tolerate, and there was no discernable sound degradation or distortion whatsoever.

You could even replace the headphones used with your Walkman/Discman with the RumbleFX, however they're a bit too large for my liking.


I wasn't expecting much from Evergreen's RumbleFX headphones, and consequently, I was pleasantly surprised. With a list price of $59.99, I think it's well worth taking a look into. Evergreen has informed us that some e-retailers carry the product for as low as $40 US, so keep your eyes (and ears) open.

These headphones are just as good as a regular set of headphones retailing for around the same price, but with the added force feedback effect and volume/control remote. Force feedback aficionados and gamers alike should consider Evergreen's RumbleFX.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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