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Review: Elsa GLADIAC Ultra (Page 2/9)

Posted: November 6, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

The Card

The front side (click on the image to view an actual size snapshot):

Donít you just love those heatsinks on the RAM? How about that NVIDIA heatsink/fan? This is the first time Iíve seen an NVIDIA HSF (heatsink-fan combo) used on anything. Unique, nevertheless. Notice that our card comes with the VIVO module already in place. However, the shipping version does not come with it. Youíll have to pony up an extra $40 or so to get the module if you want TV/Video in and out features. I had a problem while testing out the card we received. For some reason when set to a refresh rate of 85Hz or higher, I would see wavy patterns on the screen, regardless of resolution. I tried drivers and switching OS but it obviously was the card.

Two days later I received another Gladiac Ultra from Elsa and noticed that there were some minor differences on the new board. Take a look:

Now, these component changes surely canít be the source of the problem because Iíve seen other Gladiac Ultras use the same components as the first one I received. It appears to just be the specific card itself. Maybe something happened during shipment or a component was bad. But whatever the reasons, everything works perfectly now.

The back side (click on the image to view an actual size snapshot):

Thereís nothing special on the back of this card. One thing thatís different is that the Ultraís donít have RAM modules on the back. Okay, enough pictures, letís check out the specs.

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