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Compex PS2216 Switch

Posted: May 27, 2003
Written by: Davey McWatters

Compex PS2216 Switch


As more and more home users begin to switch over from their 56k dial-up connections to broadband internet access, home networking becomes increasingly popular. As popularity rises, demand for networking products for consumers increases and more companies start developing products to feed the market. More competition designing home networking devices means cheaper prices for end users. Any average computer user nowadays can easily network their entire home with a solution that best meets their needs for a very affordable sum of money.

Compex isnít the most recognizable name in the home networking market, but they definitely offer some great products that compete well against their competitors. Today we will be taking a look at the PS2216 16 port switch.

The Switch

The PS2216 is a 16 port switch; however, it is not your everyday home networking switch. It provides several features that are unseen in more popular switches. Some of these features port trunking as well as VLAN support. As you can see LED indicators are available for power, and link/activity, and speed for each port. Both features will be discussed more thoroughly later in the article.

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