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CasEdge Mid-Tower ATX Case (Page 2/2)

Posted: October 25, 1999
Written by: Darren "Nafterclifen" Leonard
Estimated Retail Price: $59.95
Available from PCXChange


Overall, this case has provided a nice housing for my system. Running a C366 @ 533Mhz (2.0V) on an Abit BP6, 128MB PC-100 Ram, Voodoo 3 3000 o/c-ed to 186Mhz, CD-Rom, CDRW, 9.1G ATA/66 7200rpm hard drive, and 1G 5400rpm hard drive, my system temperature stays at a constant 77F (25C) while the cpu runs at a constant 83F (28C). Now some might wonder why my temperatures are so low. Here's what I did:

Applied thermal paste to the BX chip and attached a 486 fan onto its heatsink.
Installed a 120mm blowhole intaking air onto the cpu, video card, and motherboard.
Installed a GlobalWin FEP32 heatsink w/60mm fan onto the cpu, with thermal paste, of course! This lowered my cpu temp by 10F (50C).
Attached a 50mm fan to the heatsink of the V3 with, again, thermal paste.
The 235W ATX power supply fan is blowing outwards while the 80mm fan on the bottom front of the case is intaking.
Keep in mind that room temperature is about 65F-75F (18C-24C).

With the removable drive cage, hard drives, or any internal 3 1/2" drives, are very easy to install. It is secured in place with a simple screw but for fast access, it's not needed. The drive rails on the other hand, are also very fast and simple. There is no need to screw in those big 5 1/4" drives (CD-Rom, etc.) anymore. Simply snap the drive rail on and slide it in, clicking into place. It doesn't get much easier than this!


Although this particular case doesn't carry a name such as InWin or Addtronics, it carries all of the same qualities. I did notice a few problems, however, that were a bit frustrating. With two CD-Roms, I found that if I installed a TwinTurbo cooler or Hermannator hard drive cooler, it would not fit properly with the drive rails. This is primarily because both only had one level of screw placements while CD-Roms and other drives usually have two. It would be ideal if the combination of drive rails and manual screwing were implemented into one step. Another flaw I noticed was that with a BP6, any 5 1/4" component longer than approx. 8 inches, the third dimm slot would get in the way. I'm not too sure if this is due to the size of the motherboard or case, but it will definitely be an annoyance for some. As for the slide-out motherboard tray? There is none! Some prefer to have a slide-out motherboard tray, but others don't really care. I, for one, would have found it to be a definite plus. But all in all, the CasEdge Mid-Tower ATX case packs a mighty strong punch. If you're looking for a quality case at a decent price, you can't go wrong.

Tweak3D would like to greatly thank PCXchange for their generosity in providing this case for reviewing purposes, and for their cooperation. PCXchange provides both the 235 and 300W versions of this case, along with many other products such as cooling devices, consoles, and overclocked CPUs.

Overall Rating: 8.0

Thanks PCXChange!

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