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CasEdge Mid-Tower ATX Case (Page 1/2)

Posted: October 25, 1999
Written by: Darren "Nafterclifen" Leonard
Estimated Retail Price: $59.95
Available from PCXChange


For some, a case is just a rectangular box which houses hardware. But for others, it's just as important as the latest hardware. CasEdge, a member of the Foxconn group, began producing cases in 1995. They expect to ship 11 million+ cases worldwide in 1999. Unlike Addtronics or InWin, CasEdge is not well known for their products. However, they've still delivered a quality product and we had the opportunity to review it.


17.5 x 7.5 x 17.0 Inches
(444 x 190 x 432 mm)

ATX; Baby AT

Drive Bays:
3x- 5 External
2x- 3 External
2x- 3 Internal

Expansion Slots:
6 Full Size and 1 Half Size

Power Supply:
Power Load Watt 200/235/250 & Up
220V/100V Switchable

LED Display:
Power and Hard Drive

Front Panel Switches:
Power, Reset, and Sleep

Cooling Fans:
80mm (bottom intake)
60mm (rear, optional)

0.8mm SECC Rustproof Galvanized Steel
UL Class 94HB Plastic

24lbs Including Power Supply

I/O Plate and PC Speaker


Usually, system transfers are pretty much painless and don't require too much effort. It took about 15 minutes to install a motherboard, 2 hard drives, 2 cd-rom drives, a floppy drive, connect the appropriate cables, and get the system up and running. The included drive rails and removable drive cage made drive installation a breeze. Snap on the rails, slide it in and you're done. Take out the 3 1/2" drive cage, screw in your hard drives, slide it back in, and that's done; simplistic and easy-to-do. The front panel is an easy on, easy off, "snappy" type. A simple thumbscrew in the rear is all it takes to remove the side panel and have access to anything you want inside. Everything was included in a small box, containing drive rails, a bag of screws, one 2-pin to 4-pin power supply converter cable, and some cover plates.

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