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Posted: September 9, 2002
Written by: Davey McWatters

Clear Optical Mouse


Three of the most commonly overlooked components to a computer are the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse. All of these are extremely important factors in your enjoyment of computing. You should not go out and buy the cheapest thing you can find and assume itís just as good as a more expensive product. With that, you should purchase a product that best fits your needs, instead of a product that might be on sale or cheaper than the competition. Today we will be looking at a mouse from The Card Cooler. It is pretty cheap (about $20), and it certainly does look good, but how well does it perform? Thatís what weíre looking to find out with this review.


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This mouse offers a different design than most other mice on the market. Instead of having two buttons to click, you actually pivot the mouse in the direction you wish to click. It works much like Appleís newest button-less optical mouse. For most people, you will either really love the design or really hate it. I didnít care for the button-less design for a few reasons. You simply cannot click as fast without the actual button, which is not good for gaming at all. Also, if you push the mouse fast in a general direction, you may accidentally click with the force from the push causing you to fire your last rocket and kill yourself.

Style seems to be a big issue with this mouse. They wanted it to look sleek for the new breed of blue-LED enthused case modders. They also included a clear plastic shell so you can see inside of the mouse. I have to admit, this does look nice. One of the coolest features about the mouse is the blue led aligned with the scroll wheel. When lit it illuminates the wheel entirely.

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