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Posted: September 6th, 2002
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods


Today's PCs are extremely powerful. 3D graphics have risen to a level that some never thought we would see, and CPUs, now pushing the 3-gigahertz boundary, continue to push at the very fabric of Moore's law. Advances being forged in PC audio have also been exciting, the latest of which being the truly innovative inclusion of a tube for controlling sound on the new Aopen AX4B-533 Tube motherboard, which I will be covering in an upcoming review.

Yet, none of the innovations in PC audio technology would make any difference if we didn't have a way to hear what the cards are pumping out. Of course, I am talking about speakers. I have to admit, I have built many systems for friends, family, and clients, and I have always told them to spend their money on the CPU, memory, and VGA, and buy less expensive peripherals. Times have changed, and with the hugely popular MP3s and the cost of fast CD-RWs plummeting daily, more people are buying computers for music and CD creation. All of this leads us to a need for better sound qualiy.

I remember way back when I was just getting into PCs, Cambridge Soundworks (CS) had released the "PC works", "Soundworks", and "Microworks" lines of PC speakers, and the reviews were unanimous: they were excellent. Since that time, some 5+ years ago, it's been one of the top speaker manufactures in the industry. Its speakers are marketed and sold under the Creative Labs label, but the speakers we're looking at today are sold directly from Cambridge's

Let's see if these speakers hold true to the legacy set before them.

    What's in the box:
  • 2 Satellite loudspeakers
  • Desktop stands, thumbscrews (attached to satellites)
  • Wall-mount hardware, self adhesive feet
  • Hook & Loop Fastener for volume control
  • 1 Subwoofer/amplifier loudspeaker
  • AC Cord
  • Volume Control
  • Satellite connection cables (2 meters each)
  • Single-channel signal cable (digital)
  • Stereo signal cable

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