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Antec Plus1080AMG

Posted: October 17th, 2002
Written by: Justin "The Sheriff" Woods

Inside of the case, Cont.


As mentioned before, the case comes equipped with the Antec Truepower 430. Sporting 7 molex connectors, the standard power supply connector, and a small 4-pin connector for Pentium 4 motherboards, this power supply is ready for both the home user and the SOHO server market. Also noted in the picture on the left is all the hardware, manual, and cables for the front LEDS and USB/Firewire connections. One small annoyance was the sepration of the individual cables for the firewire and USB panels. Most mother board manufacturers don't document the connections clearly, and having separate pinouts turned out to be a pain. Hopefully, this will be redesigned.


Also mentioned earlier, is the metal tabs which cover the front 5.25" bay expansions. These are stamped, and are part of the case, this picture is really just to demonstrate their removal. To the right, I have placed drive rail into its slot in the case, just to demonstrate how it fits together. I had never used drive rails until reviewing this case, and I have to admit, I really like them. Normally, when installing a CD ROM drive, you attach it to the case with screws. With the rails, you attach the rails to the drive, then slide it into the case. This seems to help reduce vibration noise, as you have plastic-to-metal contact, rather than metal-to-metal. Note: The rails are for the 5.25" bays only, not for the 3.5" bays (not for your floppy drives).

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