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AMK Services 3333-300 Computer Case (Page 1/3)

Posted: May 22, 2001
Written by: Chris Burek
ERP: $199.99 CDN (approx. $127.93 USD)
Available from AMK


Two or so years ago, Craig Campanaro, hardware editor for Cyrellis 3D, evaluated a computer case very similar to the one reviewed here. At that time, I was running Purified3D (for those who remember), and I tried viciously to obtain that same case, without success. Two years later thanks to AMK Services, Iím stoked to have this case in my possession.

AMKís 3333-300 is the same case that Alienware uses for their systems, and most notably, boasts a deep black finish, hydraulic door, and removable motherboard tray.


  • Black or Silver in Colour
  • Hydraulic Drive Bay Door
  • 300 watt p/s
  • 5.25" external drive bays
  • 2 3.5" external drive bays
  • 2 3.5" internal drive bays
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • One 80mm fan mounted at the top of the case with finger guard (exhaust)
  • Two 80mm fans mounted on side of case (intake)
  • One 80mm fan mounted internally (intake)
Our unit came pre-modified with two 80mm intakes, an 80mm outtake, and a front 80mm intake. Ours shipped with a 300-watt Deer DR-A300ATX power supply. Iím personally not fond of Deer power supplies, as the two Iíve had in the past have given me problems.

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