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Review: AMD Thunderbird 1.33GHz (133MHz FSB) (Page 4/9)

Posted: February 22, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

Benchmarks (ZD Benchmarks)

BAPCo SYSMark 2000 - Win2K

SYSMark test memory bandwidth and is a good way to see how an overall system performs.

Although thereís not much difference here, the real kicker is that the two AMD SDRAM systems are doing quite well against a Pentium 4 RDRAM system. The increase speed from the 1.2GHz to the 1.33GHz Thunderbird seems to offer only a slight improvement.

The scale in memory improvement isnít much because both AMD systems are using PC133 SDRAM and the only increase was in processor speed so we donít see a lot of improvements.

ZD Content Creation Winstone 2000

Working with productivity apps, we can see the increase in performance scaling. The Thunderbird scales pretty well with a relatively minor increase in core speed. Considering that AMD is readying its 1.53GHz Thunderbirds, we can all expect to see more performance scaling across the board. Content Creation is a good way to test for integer performance and the Thunderbird excels in math computations very well. Higher core clock speeds always speed up overall integer and floating-point performance. This is where the jump in points came from.

ZD High-End Winstone 99

The same improvements occur in high-end Winstone. We donít get as much of an improvement here because the apps that run through this benchmark rely heavily on memory as well as overall speed.

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