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Abit BE6 i440BX Motherboard (Page 1/3)

Posted: October 16, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $119.99

Abit has aimed to make the most tweakable motherboard ever since the term overclocking was given form. With the latest incarnation of their jumperless i440BX monster, the BE6, they have nothing to lose. But can I honestly say I was as happy with this product as with past motherboards from Abit? I, along with you, will settle for nothing less, but the unbiased truth...


Because I could list two pages of specs on this puppy, I will just list the certain specifications that usually fluctuate from motherboard to motherboard.

CPU Specifications
  • Supports Intel Pentium® III 450~550MHz processor cartridge

  • Supports Intel Pentium® II 233~450MHz processor cartridge

  • Supports Intel Celeron® 266~433MHz processor cartridge (66MHz FSB PPGA)

  • Supports 66 and 100MHz external clock speeds
  • Intel® 440BX AGPset (82443BX and 82371EB)

  • HPT366 Ultra DMA/66 IDE controller supports four Ultra DMA/66 devices

  • Supports Ultra DMA/33 IDE Protocol

  • Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI)

  • Supports AGP 1X/2X (Sideband) 3.3V device
System Memory
  • Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM modules

  • Supports up to 768MB RAM Max (8,16,32,64,128,256 MB SDRAM)

  • Supports ECC
System BIOS/Features
  • CPU Soft Menu II - self config processor parameters


  • Supports Desktop Management Interface (DMI)

  • Year 2000 Complient
  • ATX form factor

  • One AGP slot, five PCI slots and two ISA slots

  • Hardware monitoring - Fan Speed/Voltages/CPU-System Temperature/Thermal Header

  • Keyboard and Mouse Wake-up

  • Built-in Wake on LAN header

  • One thermal sensor cable Included

  • Dimensions: 305 x 210mm

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