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Along with the increase in heat produced by modern CPU's have come ever more powerful coolers to do the job of cooling these mighty beasts. Sadly, many of these coolers are loud and do not necessarily produce all that fine results given their size and use of 90/120mm fans. At Computex 2006 Titan finally unveiled its latest CPU cooler and so here we say hello to Amanda. Although her name may sound friendly and common, she delivers anything but common performance. The truth is she's friendly with your CPU but brutal with the heat it produces. Today we bring you a first online look at what many others missed when reporting back on Computex. In this review we show you how a high end hot Presler dual core CPU can run at low end temperatures and yes we kid you not, water cooling is not required. If you happen to be one that envies quiet operation, good looks and great cooling potential then we might just have made your purchasing decision all the easier. To verify whether Titan has a winner on its hands there's no other way than to roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Cooling a 65,000,000 transitor processor back in 1997 was a piece of cake compared to today and clock speed is not the only reason.

As Titan claims Amanda has superior cooling potential compared to other CPU coolers we'll need to turn up the heat. In that case, can she cool an Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 965 (left)? The heat is indeed on. reviews 2006

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