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Posted: July 9th, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek

P232W, its intended audience

Hosting a full 23 inches of screen estate is in itself is enough to generally if not specifically identify the type of market this panel is destined for. Adding to this the default 1920x1200 screen resolution clearly tells the story that without doubt the unit is designed for professionals who both require and crave large spaces for visualization. Unpacking the monitor from the large retail packaging exhibits its wide dimensions that are to be expected being a model spanning a widescreen format. A screen ratio of 16:10 makes it ideal for viewing two documents side by side or better viewing of DVD's than that on 4:3 format displays. It seems that beige has been finally laid to rest as Sony chooses to outline the unit in shades of silver both front and rear. This different surely to be appreciated color scheme works very well in practise showcasing a sense of class and blending in with other aluminium case systems or components also bearing the silver theme. The P232W weighing 13KG (around 28lbs) is both wall mountable and features a thick stand held by a round steady aluminium base the latter of which solely positions the screen some four inches from table level and gives it the ability to tilt backwards or forwards. Sadly there is no height adjustment by default however this can be remedied (if required) by adopting a wall mount arm that may appeal to users, especially those wanting more freedom of movement. At the rear is a large plastic cover that when easily removed (no screws or screwdriver necessary) reveals the various connectors found on this model, 2xDVI, 2XRGB HD-15 and 1x power but not USB hub. The stand houses a useful plastic section that can be lifted and used to align as well as hold down neatly the numerous cables connecting directly to the unit. At the base of the stand at rear is a Kensington security lock that can be used to secure the panel to a desk for prevention against theft. A dark inch thick silver bezel surrounds the spacious 23 inch widescreen format LCD with control buttons present on the right hand side. In addition to the standard power and OSD buttons there is one more in the form of the eco button acting as an economy mode reducing the amount of electricity used via dimming the backlight. One could argue that such an arrangement is possible manually using the OSD but nevertheless being offered the option of a quick hassle free energy saving mode is welcome with potential benefits all at the press of a fingertip. Glancing at distance from random angles strongly carries a sense of Sony being felt all over, those familiar with Sony's specific design characteristics will appreciate the style as shown on this model. The P232W is an impressive representation of high end LCD design and certain to look good on anyone's desk or wall. The combination of silver shades and solid build quality contribute to the monitor's overall appeal whereas the lack of height adjustment lowers albeit moderately this judgement.



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