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Posted: July 9th, 2003
Written by: Adam Honek


The monitor as one of the most crucial components of computers since their entry into our lives most notably along with IBM's personal computer in 1981 have more often than not been housed in an enclosure large enough to impose our often already cluttered desktops. The CRT monitor still in use today brought visuals to the masses but it has for long been discussed as a never truly likeable device. Many regard CRT screens as too big or ugly to broadly be the envy of those made to look upon them in the office or home. Whereas these annoyances sway users away from CRT technology they also act as a magnet attracting more consumers to invest in LCD monitors. One group of users that still mostly prefer to avoid LCD's are graphics professionals, these in their own right argue that LCD image quality is not able to match the ultra refinement CRT has brought over its years of continued development. To make up our own minds and also aid to assist you our readers we take Sony's top end 23 inch professional series LCD panel (model P232W) and run it passed our own scrutiny.

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