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Eye candy galore

All those for whom 3DMark is no stranger will know one key aspect that each consecutive release attempts to deliver, is increasingly jaw dropping (and dislocation pains that go with it) eye candy. Although few will admit, the phrase OMG has been much expressed amid the lives of many be it in lesser or greater form. While some quite happily tame their excitement with "Wow", "Awesome", "Cool", others do the Full Monty pain laden OMG, dislocate their jaw and regret the whole event. Oh well one might comment, eye candy can have its disadvantages but that doesn't stop it from being an eye grabber. How well in that case does 3DMark06 grab one's eyeball so to speak? This is a matter of personal taste and willingness to tell the truth (oh don't we love changing our moods often) however it may be considered darn right pretty. Granted those familiar with 3DMark05 will see many similarities, it's been given a new gloss of paint and touched up to look rather splendid. The proof is in the details, indeed it's only once both 3Dmark05 and 3DMark06 have been run for comparison does one truly appreciate how the latter looks much more natural, especially thanks to HDR (High Definition Range) in how the environments are lit. Below are some comparison shots to whet one's appetite.

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