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It's become somewhat a way of life for the computer community really, a form of companion that has over the years neatly integrated itself as part of the IT industry and increasingly so within the lifestyles of PC enthusiasts. The 3DMark series by Futuremark has evolved just as PC hardware from the early days of DirectX 6 to the latest eye candy galore DirectX 9C. Despite increasing years flowing by since the first 3DMark back in 1999 - 3DMark99 - the principle has very much remained static, to test and verify system 3D game performance. Such approach to benchmarking one's system has met with criticism calling upon the 3DMark series as synthetic or otherwise not representative of performance within released games. While this theory may draw arguments at both ends, it is perhaps without any dispute that we may all agree on the following. 3DMark is a tool that aids to gauge game performance of one's system and thus help identify how well it might perform in modern and upcoming games. Today marks the launch of Futuremark's 3DMark06, which refreshes this endeavour and yet again throws in a new spin on things.

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