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Posted: October 25th, 2004
Written by: Adam Honek


Be it your neighbor, friend, or just someone talking about their computer to others one of the most common questions over the years has been "How much RAM does your machine contain? Of course advanced users would add to this by being interested not solely in size but also type as a method to determine which is faster, yours or mine. Most people old enough will remember the days when SIMM's ruled and be it the 30pin or 72pin variety they were everywhere. By today's standards their capability of controlling bits and bytes is best described as the dark ages of personal computing, an era certainly before we knew full speed L2 cache let alone authentic 3D graphics. Hardly anyone is brave enough these days to comment on how much memory our systems will need into the future, Bill Gate’s 640K famous response some 20 years ago turned out invalid but that's because no one imagined software to act and look the way it does in our modern society. Today we use systems with memory almost overflowing and the recent trend is not its size but quality of service. In this review we look at one of these quality products from Crucial, their Ballistix series DDR PC3200 memory that is aimed at PC enthusiasts who envy performance above all. To produce this review Crucial shipped us a quantity of 2x512MB modules for evaluation.

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