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Let's briefly turn back time and relive a little nostalgia. In fact let's remind ourselves of the old days when 72pin 5V FP (Fast Page) memory was the norm and everyone was entirely happy with the 80ns latency and 50MHz maximum frequency it supported. The same was more or less true just over a decade ago back in 1995 when EDO (Enhanced Data Output) memory swept into stores featuring a lightning 60ns access latency and maximum 66MHz frequency. Those were the days when the personal computer concept really sprung into action - some of us remember it all too well. Add Microsoft Windows 95 into the mix that finally allowed for reliable multi-tasking and the PC revolution just got all the merrier. Fast forward to today and we've become just a little greedier, first we demand ever faster processors and secondly memory that offers substantial bandwidth to feed the former, for what you may ask - but of course more speed. It's a fast paced hectic life being an enthusiast but one that's interesting to the trained eye. For those who live, breathe, and even sleep beside technology, we look at a full 2GB (2x 1GB) of speedy Ballistix memory from Crucial. Could this be the memory that should reside in your AMD AM2 Athlon 64 FX-60/62 or Intel Pentium Extreme 955/965 rig? There's only one way we'll know, itís time to forget about the early 1990's and fast forward to Crucial's Ballistix PC2-800 DDR2.

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