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Review: 3DPower/Absolute Morpheus GeForce3 (Page 1/7)

Posted: July 9th, 2001
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


GeForce3 after GeForce3 -- youíd never expect a GeForce3 like this. I present, the Absolute Morpheus GeForce3.

Definitely the coolest GeForce3 to ever grace the pages of Tweak3D, the Morpheus brings along speed and games, all in one eye catching package. When you purchase a Morpheus, itíll come in a wooden box just like the one in the picture above. Sealed within this crate is the Morpheus itself.

If youíre wondering where the Morpheus GeForce3 came from, Iím not surprised. Not many people have heard of 3DPower and Absolute Multimedia. Although it has manufactured cards based on NVIDIA GPUs in the past, Absolute cards were seen in the low-end section on store shelves, and rarely. With the recent merger of 3DPower and Absolute Multimedia, both sides have joined forces to decimate all who appose.

Making a splash with the Morpheus GeForce3, Absolute hopes to gain momentum by offering what other manufacturers are not: respectable cooling, better overclocking and more up-to-date hit games all in one package fashionable enough to impress Versace.

Things wonít be easy for 3DPower/Absolute though. Itíll have to compete with the likes of Asus, Elsa, Hercules, Leadtek, MSI, and Visiontek and then compete with ATIís offerings. But then again, those looking to purchase a GeForce3 really arenít looking for ATI styles anyway. We all know that even though a company may start out as an underdog of many, it definitely has the potential to reign supreme should it put in the effort. Hopefully, 3DPower/Abosulute will grow steadily. We really need a company that has more to offer, this way everyone else will start incorporating more goodies into their packages without cut-throat prices.

Weíll be seeing a lot more from 3DPower/Absolute but in the meantime, we need to reveal if the Morpheus only has looks on the surface, or whether it has the bust for the IT runway.

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