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3DCool Tornado 1000 Mid-ATX Case (Page 3/3)

Posted: October 28, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $135 + S&H

Noise Pollution/Extras

To all the males reading this article, the Tornado is like a beautiful blonde women. So nice, but will not quit talking! What I am getting at is that the Tornado makes a whole lot of noise. Then again, what do you expect from four high powered fans sucking and blowing the hell out of your system (no pun intended)? Personally, I like the quiet type. Then again, the noise will only be a problem while doing a 50meg download and taking a quick snooze...

All the little things are what make it all worthwhile. For example, you have LED lights for up to three harddrives, along with enough power to please the most demanding computer nuts. Another rather 'old-school' touch was the addition of a power switch directly on the power supply. While annoying to some, the power supply switch allows you to power down during full system lockups. No need to yank the power cord when your computer goes numb.


There's no denying that the 3DCool Tornado 1000 will drastically cool your system. However, for many of us, the $135 price tag puts a dent in your computer soup-up fund. Don't get me wrong, the 3DCool Tornado is a great value. However, this case doesn't serve a higher purpose to many consumers. If you are looking for that overall cooling solution, yet have jammed all the fans you can already into your case, then go buy the 3DCool Tornado. This case serves as a strong foundation to those building an overclocked system, while maintaining reliability, and extending your hardware's life... The need for this product can only be defined by your own necessity.

Pros [+]
  • High cooling capability

  • Excellent internal design

  • Lots for your money
Cons [-]
  • Not exactly quiet as a whisper

  • Not much to look at
Overall Rating: 9.0

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