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3DCool Tornado 1000 Mid-ATX Case (Page 2/3)

Posted: October 28, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $135 + S&H


    Test System
    • Intel Celeron 400MHz PPGA

    • Abit BE6 i440BX Motherboard

    • 64MB of PC100 SDRAM

    • Maxtor Diamond Max ATA/66 HD

    • Diamond Viper v550 TNT
With the preceding configuration we successfully overclocked a 400MHz Celeron to 600MHz (6 multiplier by 100MHz FSB) without a single problem. All while keeping the temperature under what the Celeron normally runs at. Adding an extra 200MHz comfortably while keeping the rest of your system brisk is easily worth a hundred and thirty bucks...

The following tests were performed with all conditions set as if you were normally running your system. Temperatures were taken using Abit System Monitoring for processor and system marks after running a few hardcore Quake II demos for twenty some minutes. AGP temperature was taken using a special cable thermometer placed on the graphics chip. For comparison, we used a standard Mid-ATX case with one power supply fan, and one 80x80 processor directed exhaust fan. Here are the benchmarks:

CPU Temperature System Temperature AGP Temperature
Standard Case 51 C 40 C 54 C
Tornado 1000 Case 32 C 24 C 38 C
Difference -19 C -16 C -16 C

You can see for yourself the decrease in temperature is amazing. Then again, what do you expect when you cram four strategically placed fans into a well ventilated case? Finally a company has built a cooling case well, and conventionally without going too overboard- yet instead, simply adding more powerful fans. We'll take a quick look at the inside of this mofo, then I'll get more critical and tell you what is wrong with this case.


Here are a couple pictures from within the Tornado 1000. Pay close attention to the placement of fans, expansion room, and overall how spacious this bad-boy is!

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