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3DCool Tornado 1000 Mid-ATX Case (Page 1/3)

Posted: October 28, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $135 + S&H

Many of us tweakers and overclockers have searched for a well cooled home for our computer, all while keeping our checkbooks balanced. With the arrival of 3DCool's Tornado Series of cases, is that search finally over? Read along with me as I explain why or why not...


Here are the specifications on this bad-ass case capable of air-conditioning a small home:
  • Four (4) 80x80 fans mounted Inside!

  • 172 CFM of Total Air Flow!

  • 250 Watt ATX 2.01 Power Supply

  • Screwless design for Easy Installation

  • Durable and solid case

  • 3 5.25" bays, 7 3.5" bays (5 on bottom, 2 on top)

  • One Year Warranty on case, Lifetime on Fans

  • Large Spaces Inside for Maximum Airflow

  • All Screws and Power Cables Included

  • 7 Expansion Slots

  • Swappable 3.5" bay Faceplate

  • Sliding Motherboard Tray

  • Smooth Edges Means no Finger Cutting

  • 19.75" tall, 18" deep, 7.7" wide


The Tornado's screwless design, removable hard drive mount, and sliding motherboard mounting tray made installation roomy and comfortable. 3DCool's 'smooth edges' claim also stands true. There hasn't been a time when I have not cut my finger or other body part on the edges of the case while roaming around inside. Although an entirely idiotic idea, I actually 'tried' with the Tornado, and all without a single scratch to any of my body parts. Overall, although the process requires the transferring of your entire configuration into a new case, I was able to do it all within thirty minutes- safely too!

Internal design is beautiful, well-placed fans direct cooling power to the hard drive, AGP card, and processor. But what will the Mrs. or Mr. think of the Tornado in the living room? Sadly, not good thoughts. Unimportant to the Tornado's purpose, but still disturbing to the poor fellow's self worth is the external design. So if anyone complains about the Tornado being ugly, tell them you do not judge things on the outside and a standing example is themselves =).

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