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3DCool Super Duper Slot Fan (Page 1/1)

Posted: August 14, 1999
Written by: David "Spunk" Grampa
Estimated retail price: $18.00 + S&H

The predecessor to 3DCool's Super Slot Fan (SSF) is here, and gladly, it doesn't leave much room for disapointment. A thinner design, more powerful and greater cooling ability makes it well worth the extra green in comparison to its previous counterpart. Take the time to read Dan's review of the Super Slot Fan if you have not already, then I'll tell you why (if at all) this product is better.


  • 3200RPM, 42 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) - - More power (2800RMP + 32 CFM)
  • Perfect for under a Voodoo3 or TNT2
  • Fits into any slot, only takes one!
  • Super Duper Quiet
  • Blows air out, removing the heat from your case completely
  • Pass-Thru power cable so you don't lose cable room
  • LIFETIME Warranty
  • 110 x 90 x 20mm - - Smaller (110 x 120 x 27mm)
  • More powerful than the Super Slot Fan!
  • Priced at $18 US (plus S&H) - - Mo' money (+$6.00)
You'll notice the major differences highlighted in red. Also, the previous specifications are in parenthesis. From what has been said, all you can expect is improvement, right? Basically, but this is all left to final judgement as the Super Duper Slot Fan's entire design was changed from the original. Here is a pic of the Super Slot Fan and the Super Duper Slot Fan bearing all:


Expectations were a tad bit lower than expected, but all around good. We were able to overclock with ease just as with the Super Slot Fan, for more on that click here. Note: temperatures were taken with a digital thermometer as close as possible to the TNT chip of a Diamond Viper v550. No extra cooling devices except the factory heatsink of the TNT were present.

Before After Drop
Super Slot Fan 62.5C 47.2C 15.3C
Super Duper Slot Fan 62.5C 45.0C 17.5C

Results were much like those expected. A 17.5C drop in temperature over a non-cooled TNT will not only add life, but overclocking potential. In conjunction with a card cooler, video freezer, or other device that directly cools a videocard, the Super Duper Slot Fan is unstoppable. This makes it a great addition to anyone's cooling arsenal.


This product definitely embodies some great features, including the ability to cool from either the top or bottom of a graphics card or other expansion peripheral. This allows you to literally sandwich your graphics accelerator using two Super Duper Slot Fans, a feature not noticed as possible by many. Next, low power usage and power cable pass-through makes sure you won't hog up that power in your 'tin of kippers' case. As for noise, you make more typing...

In conclusion, 3DCool improved on a great product... Adding a thinner design, more power, and greater cooling ability makes the Super Duper Slot Fan everything the Super Slot Fan wasn't while still keeping the unparalleled charm and ingenuity of the original. Definitely a best buy to any hardware enthusiast interested in shedding heat and overclocking for better system performance. 3DCool has done it again with yet another great cooling product!

Overall: 9.5

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