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Kingpin Autoexec Creator

Posted: November 9, 1999
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

This tool does not work with Google Chrome and may only work on legacy versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Kingpin Autoexec Creator

This program will allow you to customize your Kingpin game in order to optimize performance and visual quality. If Kingpin runs slow or poorly for you, make the choices you wish to below, then click the "Create" button to create an "Autoexec" that will customize your game. Further instructions will be available when you have completed this process.


Graphics Settings


Enabling this will possibly cause slight flickering but will result in a small performance increase. Better said, this command will make the game run more smoothly.

Enable ZTrick (unchecked = Ztrick disabled. Default = enabled). Enable Ztrick and gain performance.


Dynamic lights

Dynamic lights are projected from lighted objects. These are flashes of light seen on adjacent surfaces. Example: You fire a gun and it creates a splash of light on the wall. This will hinder performance slightly, so if you need the performance, disable this feature. See the images below for a comparison:

Dynamic lighing disabled

Dynamic lighting enabled

Disable dynamic lighting (unchecked = enable dynamic lighting, default). I recommend that you check this box for performance.



In Kingpin, the fog option adds a murky lair of fog to all objects and graphics. This looks interesting but can lead to odd artifacts and a performance decrease. Also, disabling this will make the game more clear and increase vivid colors. See the pictures below for a comparison:

Fog disabled:

Fog enabled:

Disable Fog (unchecked = enable fog, default). I highly recommend that you check this box for performance and visual quality.



The shadows in Kingpin look rather bland. They are poorly detailed and look unrealistic. However, if you don't mind the performance hit, and like the way the shadows look, you can enable them as another feature.

Disable shadows (unchecked = enable shadows, default). I recommend that you check this box for performance.


Mark time

This is the time in seconds that blood splats and marks will stay on walls. The lower you set this value, the more performance you will gain. However, if you set it too low it will be as if the marks were never there. I recommend a value of about 5 seconds.

Time in seconds that blood stays on the screen. Default = 10.


Weapon visibility

You can hide your weapon in Kingpin, which will leave the crosshair visible. You will be able to see more of the area by hiding the weapon and this will boost performance.

Visible weapon:

Invisible weapon:

Make weapon invisible (unchecked = leave weapon visible, default). I recommend that you check this box and try it out. If you do not like it, change it back.


Palette shifting

Palette shifting is when the game is signaled to make a sudden change in the color. An example of this is when the screen is colored red as you enter a fire or are being shot. Also when you are underwater the color will be shifted green. Disabling this command will result in a performance increase and it will result in increased visibility. See the pictures below:

Palette shifting disabled

Palette shifting enabled

Disable palette shifting (unchecked = enable palette shifting, default). I recommend that you check this box for a performance increase.



This gamma is the measurement of brightness on dynamic lights, for the most part. If Kingpin is too dark or too light, try adjusting this value to your liking. The default value is 1. This value can be set as low as 0 or as high as 3. Setting this higher than 1 with increase the brightness and lowering the value will decrease the brightness.

I recommend that you set this to 1, or your desired brightness.


Internet Settings

Maximum frame rate

When playing over modems, lag is unavoidable. The best way to eliminate some lag is to limit your frame rate. Setting this lower will result in lower pings - but also frame rates. My favorite setting is between 30 and 33. If your modem is slower, you may have to set it lower. If your modem is faster, try setting it higher.
Non-modem users should not be concerned with this command.

Maximum modem frame rate. (default = 0, disabled). I recommend that you set this value between 30 and 33.



Another way to battle lag is to adjust the rate. Setting this lower will result in lower pings in most cases, because the servers will be sending you less data. With my 56k modem I set the rate to 3000, which is quite low, but works great for me. I recommend setting this to between 2500 and 3500 for 28.8 or 33.6 modems, 3000 to 5000 for 56k modems, and 5000+ for other, faster connections. For LAN (local area network) games, set this up to 25,000. Try different values and pick what works for you.

Rate (default = 3000). Set this value according to your Internet connection speed.



The netgraph is disabled by default. This lets you view lag and current server status. This can cause a distraction but I recommend that it be enabled.

Enable netgraph (unchecked = disable netgraph, default).


Sound Settings

Sampling rate

The sampling rate of sounds determines the overall quality of the sounds heard during the game. This will also lead to more CPU usage and therefore slightly lower performance. If you have a high quality sound card, set this to the highest value.

Use 11 KHz sampling rate and gain performance (unchecked = 22 KHz, default).


8-bit sounds

To save on memory, sound card, and CPU load, you can set the sound files to load as 8-bit. This can boost performance, especially on slower systems. It also will result in less hard drive access. However, this will lower the sound quality.

Enable 8-bit sounds (unchecked = 16-bit sounds, default)


Direct Sound

Using Direct Sound can result in a slight performance boost on most machines. Try it, and if you don't see positive results, simply disable it using this autoexec creator.

Enable Direct Sound (unchecked = no direct sound, default)


CD Audio

CD Audio is a nice feature, but it too leads to more CPU usage. This can therefore be disabled for a slight performance increase.

Disable CD Audio (unchecked = Enable CD audio, default)


Misc. Settings


If you don't like the standard crosshair, you can try using one of the different crosshairs included with Kingpin. Set the value below to the crosshair you most like:

Crosshair to use. 0 = none, 1 = default, 2 = red dot, 3 = alternative red crosshair.



Every player's footsteps makes noise when playing Kingpin. This can be disturbing and sometimes will lead to confusing situations. For this reason, you may want to disable the footstep noises.

Disable footsteps (unchecked = enable footsteps, default)


Console speed

The console (toggled up and down by hitting the ~ key) is used for several purposes. By default, it slowly moves its way down and up, wasting precious time (and in some cases endangering your life).
Increase this value to cause the console to come down and go up faster (or lower to cause the console to go up and down slower).
The default value is 3. A value of 10 or higher makes the console come up and down almost instantly.

Console speed (default = 3). I recommend that you set this value to 10.



Most people find it easier to use a mouse/keyboard combo rather than a joystick when playing first person shooters like Kingpin. Disabling joystick support will increase performance.

Disable Joystick (unchecked = enabled, default). I recommend that you disable joystick support, unless you plan on using it.


Follow the instructions in the new window that appears after clicking the Create button.

This autoexec creator was coded in JavaScript by Dan Kennedy. For this program to work correctly, you must have JavaScript enabled. This program works best with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

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