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Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 (Page 2/3)

Posted: February 14, 2003
Written by: Kevin Metz

Setup and Initial Impressions

The first thing I did when I received mine out of the box was pop in my 802.11b CF card. I installed it and sure enough I was online just like that (this does take into account being on my home network and having DHCP and all the proper wireless equipment already up and running). I had to check the network settings, but that was about it. After playing around online with Opera (the web browser for Qtopia) for a bit, I decided to go ahead and start learning how to sync the Zaurus.

I headed over to the folks at TrollTech to download the latest version of the Qtopia desktop client. Once I had the RPM package, I installed it on my Redhat box, and there it was. On the Zaurus I had to change the IP address and tell it where the Linux box was located, but once that was done...SYYYYYYYYYYNC! Although it was empty right now, it did show that everything was up and working.

More Apps!

Next, I needed more apps. The Zaurus is real vague about how to install software over the network. And since I was without any sort of card to stick in there, I needed some way to load apps. I found out I could load them via the Qtopia desktop, but that just seemed to lack in coolness. A few of them I tried to download using Opera just seemed to disappear after I downloaded them. After scouting out a few web pages, I found the key was to add a 'feed'. Under the install apps, you could click on the "Install Apps from network" and add your feed in there. Poof! APPS! So there I was, downloading apps, happy as a cow in clover.

Since one of my goals for this Zaurus was to be a replacement for my laptop, I needed a few things. First, I needed to be able to chat on AIM. I also needed SSH so I could get to the machines I needed. Some MP3s would be nice, and oh yeah, the contacts and calendar features might come in handy, too.

Browsing the apps, the first thing I came up with was Kinkatta-lite, a nifty little app that allowed me chat on AIM. After installing it, I was able to run the program, put in my info, and I was on AIM, thumbing my way through chats like it was nothing!

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