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Video card overclocking guide

Posted: May 30, 1999
Updated: July 15, 1999

Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

More places to go

If you're looking for more info on overclocking video cards, here are a few places to gather some information. If you know of any other important guides or sites, let me know and I'll add those to the list.

Tweak3D Tweak Guides

Shameless plug: We have a number of tweak guides online, and a few of these directly relate to overclocking video cards. Included are TNT/TNT2, Riva 128, and Voodoo2 overclocking guides. If you're interested, several of the other tweak guides will ultimately help you to increase performance across the charts. Also, we will be adding more video card specific overclocking guides as time passes.

Sharky Extreme Voodoo3 Overclocking Guide

Sharky's Voodoo3 overclocking guide has tips for reaching high clock speeds with the Voodoo3. They even tell you which values to change in the registry in order to adjust the speed. They have plenty of benchmarks to show you what you'll gain at which speeds. Also they have several precautions to take in order to ensure maximum stability and success when overclocking the Voodoo3 2000, 3000, and even the 3500.

FiringSquad's Video Card Cooling Guide

FiringSquad's video card cooling guide reviews several cooling items intended for use with video cards. This won't teach you how to overclock, but it will help you find out what cooling is perfect for your needs. In depth, they cover the TennMax Lasagna and Stealth coolers, a number of GlobalWin solutions, The Card Cooler, and many others. This is a long guide that's packed with information.


My friend Kyle runs this kickin' site. He has plenty of good information on overclocking video cards, and from time to time posts reviews of video cards with overclocking results. For example, he has a review of LeadTek's TNT2 board here, that includes plenty of crazy overclocking antics. Check out this picture of his fully loaded TNT2 card:


I hope you found this guide informative and useful. I'm certain that if you're new to the world of video card overclocking, you are a bit more informed now. If not, read over the FAQ.

First Page - Overclocking FAQ

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