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Ultima PC: Issue 1 (Page 1/14)

Posted: July 29, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen


Welcome to the first installment of our Ultimate PC Series. From now on, month-by-month, Tweak3D will take the best of the computing world and put together a system that defies all benchmarks and pummels all existing systems into the dirt. What is this article intended for and whom exactly is it targeted at?

This article actually targets all audiences. There are no set territories and demographics. The system discussed here will be a no holds bar type system. It will be everyoneís dream system. But, keep in mind that everyone has a different "dream" system. So how does this system target everyone?

Firstly, we will discuss the components that make up the system and why we feel that those components should be there. Keep in mind; the following system will be almost unrealistic. What do we mean by that? We mean that the computer is insanely expensive. But, for those who have cash mountains in their house, feel free to scour for the components we will be talking about and purchase them.


This system is designed for one sole purpose, to destroy all benchmarks and give bragging rights. Of course, youíll need the money to assemble such a system. What about those of us without enough money on hand to go out and purchase such a mammoth? Well, perhaps this article can show you just how extreme computing can become. Tweaking and upgrading is not something we at Tweak3D do as an amusement. Itís an extreme case of obsession and possession. We crave only the best, and only the best for our readers, whether you can afford it or not. I know I canít (hint to Dan), heh.

Sometimes, itís simply fun putting such a system together just to see how extreme you can go. You donít necessarily have to purchase such a system. Most readers will never go out and buy the system in this article. But thatís not the point of this article. We want to show you where personal computing can be taken.


Build the most decked out, insane (in all senses) and breathtaking system that has ever been conceived.


This system will meet the needs of everyone: gamers, graphic designers, video developers, and everyone else in-between.

People often ask me, "why would I need such a system, I donít ever do yada yada?" And I always say to them "well, perhaps if you had such a system, youíd be doing yada yada with it." Maybe you donít play games now, but what if you could just get your hands on that GeForce 2 card, would you be fragging your best friend in one on one deathmatch? Perhaps. The chances of you doing so with a better system are higher than with a lower end system.


Is there such a thing? With this system, price is no object. This system will cost more than some cars. This system is beyond "high-end". It is out of this world. Keeping that in mind, this system brings along an out of this world cost. All proceeding prices were located using Pricewatch (

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