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Talon/Falcon Northwest Prelim (Page 1/4)

Posted: January 28, 2000
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan


I'm dropping out of "how to" heaven for a moment to give you this bulletin. I reviewed a Falcon Northwest system - and the results were... more than interesting. But this article isn't a review - it's more of a teaser. It's a little bit of mouth-watering goodness to get you ready for more, so to say. You'll get to hear a little about the rigorous beating the system went through getting here, a little about the system itself, and the answers to a few questions that I shot off to the President of Falcon Northwest himself, Kelt Reeves.

"The boxes were beaten within an inch of their lives..."

This is a paraphrase of a quote that I may have given during a phone conversation that I had with Kelt Reeves after I received the system. Basically, the boxes were beat up and some of the stuff was missing/broken. And they weren't normal, shipping battered broken - they were "take out the monitor and use it as a basketball" broken - I think the guys in customs broke it to irk me. What does that mean to you? It means no review of the Optiquest Q95 monitor. What else does it mean? It means no in-house pictures of the system by yours truly. It also means I don't recommend Falcon Northwest systems for people living in countries with vindictive customs agents (you know who you are). Anything else? Nah - gotta leave something for the review...

But Life Goes On...

Now that you've hear my sob *sob sob...snort* story, let's get on with this. I was going to give you guys a full component list and price information for the system I reviewed, but Kelt was kind enough to supply this picture of a hot chick instead. And not being one to complain, I though this'd be a better use of my space and your time.

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Kelt, do you really have girls like that in your employ over at Falcon? If you do - I want a job!

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