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Submarine Titans Interview

Posted: August 22, 2000
Written by: Mike "Buliwyf" Stone


Tweak3D recently had the opportunity to chat with Ellipse Studios' Lead Developer, Raaj, about the current title Submarine Titans. Without further ado, here it is:


Tweak3D: Give us a quick background on Ellipse Studios, when and how it came to be.

Raaj: Ellipse Studios was formed by former employees of Megamedia Australia in 1999, however we bought the rights to the Submarine Titans and had developed it to Alpha stages when the takeover was complete.

Tweak3D: What made you decide to do an underwater RTS game that surrounded submarines?

Raaj: This idea sprung from one of our 3D artists and it was his idea and dream, and there was never an underwater RTS before. So we decided to go for it.

Tweak3D: How did you come up with the submarine designs and names, and what influenced you in your decisions?

Raaj: A lot of the names came from our 3D artists and some from our programmers and had to make a few modifications to names and we liked what it sounded like.

Tweak3D: How long had Submarine Titans been in development, and were they many struggles, setbacks, along the way?

Raaj: ST was in development for over 2 Ĺ years and ask any game developer and they will all tell you their trials and tribulations. The game was delayed a bit due to the technological advances and a game developer is always chasing technology and thatís always been the tough part knowing when to stop. We also decided to add the Alien race after we developed the human race to give the game more units and more playability. That was a big challenge as well.

Tweak3D: What makes Submarine Titans different than other RTS game out these days?

Raaj: I think what sets ST apart is some of the features the game has and the Multiplayer playability and challenges where just one strategy never wins and you have to try various strategies to beat a good opponent. The Computer Assistant is a first for an RTS and so is the spectator mode for multiplayer. We have several more unique features in the game.

Tweak3D: Will Ellipse Studios be holding any future tournaments, so players around the world can compete?

Raaj: I think this question is better suited to our publisher Strategy First and yes they will be holding some competitions. When I donít know...

Tweak3D: Does Submarine Titans support voice-over-gaming software? If not, do you plan to have support for this ever-growing feature?

Raaj: Yes, currently we have tested Gamevoice and it seems to work well with Sub Titans.

Tweak3D: Just recently Submarine Titans was given a patch update. How much influence do the fans of this game have on you; for feedback?

Raaj: Our fans are our biggest supporters and yes we always take fans seriously and listen to what they have to say. Come to our forum and you will see that we go out of the way to support the title and be there for them.

Tweak3D: Are there any plans for an Expansion pack for Submarine Titans in the future?

Raaj: Letís just wait and seeÖ

I would like to thank Raaj for taking the time out for conducting this interview with me. Now back to some ST gaming. :)

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