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How to Build a Fast Air-Cooled Quiet PC

Posted: December 26th, 2001
Written by: Tuan Huynh

The Cooler: Thermaltake Volcano 7

Even though the Athlon XP runs cooler then its predecessor, it still requires an active cooling solution. The cooler of choice for this operation is Thermaltakeís newest cooler the Volcano 7. This cooler has a temperature controlled 80MM fan that has a noise level of 27dba at 2900RPM and 39dba at 5000RPM. While it states it can run at 5000RPM, it will most always be at 2900RPM which only has a noise level of 27dba. The Volcano 7 will keep the Athlon XP at around 35-40C, which is well under 50C where you would have to start worrying. The Volcano 7 can be had for $21.99 from our friends at Heatsink factory.

Alternative: Water Cooling

If you want to keep everything silent as possible, water cooling is a viable solution. Water cooling costs quite a bit but will keep the noise level down to virtually silent. Please make note that water cooling should only be implemented by advanced users since installation is difficult and you can destroy the processor core easily if you arenít careful.

Thermal compound

Thermal compound is optional and isnít required. If youíre going to use thermal compound, I suggest you scrape off the thermal pad on the bottom of the Volcano 7. We suggest the use of Artic Silver II which is one of the best thermal compound solutions available. This can be found for $8.50 from our friends at Heatsink Factory as well.

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