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Posted: September 13, 2001
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy


Palms are cool. You probably already know that, but ever since I scored one for free from CompUSA (no, I didn't steal it this time, there was a mail-in rebate!), I figured I had to write a guide on some of the cool features that most of the Palm devices can offer. All too often I see Palm owners wandering around aimlessly (and "gamelessly") because they can't find a use for their PC companion.

I remember a few days ago, while a friend and I waited for our food at a restaurant, I swear I heard a fellow "Palmer" from across the room say "Games? They make games for these things?". It's this kind of ignorance that we don't tolerate at T3D, so prepare to get the "how-to" on finding games, tweaking your Palm, overclocking your Palm, and even running Gameboy emulators. So, away we go!

Games, Games, and More Games!

To be honest, I originally only wanted a Palm so that I could datalog the status of my car. I ended up breaking down and buying a very kickass diagnosis tool called "PocketLOGGER" (retails for $155) that can seriously compare to equipment that costs up to thousands for some people. At American LeMans at Laguna Seca, I saw the Audi team tuning their champion GTP car with a similar program, on a laptop, with a German interface, that probably costs them around $20,000... or even more.

Then, while waiting for my damn 5-day ground shipment to arrive, I checked the web to see what I could find for games. First I checked, the homepage for Palm devices. It wasn't worth the stop. Actually, there were plenty of good games, but mostly demos and shareware. I wanted blood, gore, and 3D graphics! I admit, I was a bit greedy, but later I did find something with killer vector tanks and a great 3D engine, but the game sucked. Am I trailing off? Okay, onto the games.

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