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How to Get Started With Linux (Page 3/4)

Posted: July 11, 2000
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Resources is one of those sites that should be bookmarked in every Linux user's web browser. They have these articles called NHFs, or Newbitized Help Files, that are extremely helpful when you are getting started with Linux. They have stuff that covers almost everything a 'newbie' would need to know, and they even have some NHFs that are specifically written for intermediate to advanced users. All of the NHFs are a great deal easier to read than the FAQs and HOWTOs on (which is another great resource for this kind of information). The HOWTOs on tend to be more technically inclined and more difficult to read, but for a lot of things it is the only available source for the information.

Another good place to go for information is your distribution's web page (for me that would be They will very frequently post patches and the like for your specific Linux installation, as well as other very useful information.

Various Program Replacements

Seeing that many of you that are reading this guide have little or no experience with Linux or its applications, I though I would point out some of the most common application 'replacements' for common Windows apps in Linux.

Licq - This is one of the many ICQ clients available with Linux. It is distributed with many different distributions and as such is one of the most common clients you will find.

Gxedit/gedit - These two programs are text editors (and in some ways, mini-word processors) like notepad and wordpad. They are nice for really basic stuff and that's about it.

Netscape / composer - Netscape and it's companion programs are your web applications of choice for Linux. This is, for the most part, because it's the only readily available and full featured web browser for Linux at this point.

Gterm - Gterm really isn't an application replacement, but it is one of the most common command prompt emulators for Linux. It is similar to a DOS box in windows.

Gnumeric - This program is one of the many available spreadsheet programs and as such is one of the possible replacements for Excel.

StarOffice - This is an application suite much like Microsoft Office. Depending on how you work this program can either be a godsend or something of a disappointment - it's worth a shot though if you need an office suite.

Corel WordPerfect 8 - This is, well, the Linux version of WordPerfect. It's a reasonably good replacement for a program like Word but it is significantly less aesthetically pleasing.

Gnucash - This is on of the possible replacement programs for financial programs like Quicken and MS Money.

XMMS - This is a Winamp clone. It can even use Winamp skins (but not Winamp plugins…darn…). It is an excellent MP3 player and has the familiar layout we all know and love.

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