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Brian Hook Quickie Interview

Posted: November 10, 1998
Written by: N8

Tweak3D: You've been known to be partial to the nVidia Riva TnT chipset lately. Are there any specific TnT boards that catch your eye?

Hook: Nope. As far as I'm concerned, the closer a board is to a reference design, the happier I am. And I prefer reference drivers over OEM "enhanced" drivers.

Tweak3D: Gamers are just starting to see details on 3Dfx's upcoming chipset, codenamed Avenger. After seeing the specs and speculation, do you think that we'll see any major changes in 3D gaming as a result of this chipset? As a programmer, are there any features you would like to see implemented in this chipset that don't exist in the Voodoo2? Any other Avenger musings?

Hook: I try not to speculate on unannounced products.

Tweak3D: Just how fast IS that Viper, anyway...?!

Hook: 12.3@118 before I added nitrous and did my exhaust mods. With new tires, I expect it to be good in the high 11s. Top speed? Probably around 190.

Tweak3D: You've mentioned in your "Ask GrandMaster B" column on Voodoo Extreme just how hot you think Famke Janssen is... Who did you prefer in GoldenEye, bad girl Famke or programmer babe Isabella Scorupco?

Hook: Well, Famke is a hottie (latest issue of Bikini not withstanding), but Isabella was pretty hot too. I'd still take Famke.

Tweak3D: We've all seen the image quality comparisons between the Voodoo2 and Riva TnT. How big of an issue do you see image quality being in the future? Can image quality on current cards be improved through driver tweaks?

Hook: Huge issue. MASSIVE issue. The only reason that it isn't a bigger issue is that it can't be measured and benchmarked.

Tweak3D: Much has been made of the lifelike player models and skins in Quake 3 Arena (such as the Christian Antkow model / skin shown in the recent PC Gamer article). Will the creation of a skin and model such as this be a reasonable undertaking for current Q2 modelers / skinners?

Hook: I don't have a good answer for that -- right now I don't forsee a problem, but the tools have changed significantly (TexPaint and Alias have been replaced by Fractal Design Painter 3D/Photoshop and 3DSMax).

Tweak3D: Well, we here at Tweak3D would like to thank Brian for his time, and as always he's shown himself to be quite friendly towards gaming-oriented sites. This is the type of "support" gamers like to see, so take a lesson from this, game designers!

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