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How to Upgrade Memory (RAM) in a Notebook / Laptop

Posted: December 8, 2005
Written By: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy

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Buy Some RAM

Now that you have the answers to the three questions from the previous page, go buy some RAM! You're looking for SODIMM (SO-DIMM) memory sticks for notebooks, not SDRAM for desktops. SODIMMS are much smaller. Memory is generally cheapest online from retailers like NewEgg or Crucial. If you'd rather buy some from a local store, check out the large electronics retailers (Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA). If you receive the paper, check the Sunday ads for some steals on RAM.

Brand shouldn't be ignored, but isn't as important as on desktops. Most people don't game or overclock with a notebook. We usually look for Corsair or Crucial, but PNY, Kingston, and other major brands you'll find are usually OK, too.

Tools Required and Safety Precautions

The only tool you should need to install memory in a notebook is a small philips head screwdriver. Also, search your area for a clean, dust, hair, and carpet free working environment. Try to locate a solid wood table under sufficient light.

A grounded wrist strap is recommended for maximum safety from electro-static discharge (ESD), which can ruin circuits and chips. You can find a grounded wrist strap at electronics stores such as Radio Shack.

When working with memory, always remember to handle it by the edges and far away from the gold contacts.

The Installation Process

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