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How To Install or Reinstall Windows 98 (Page 3/4)

Posted: November 13, 1999
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Finally, the Installation!

Ok, either way you did it, you are now ready to install Windows! Go to whichever directory contains the Windows 98 setup file (if it is on the CD, you may have to reboot using the system disk first) and then type setup /iw. The /iw parameter skips the copyright notices to save you a little bit of time. Follow the instructions and install Windows 98. If you feel particularly skilled and want to mess around with what Windows automatically installs, choose the custom install and remove whatever you know you aren't going to use.

After the Installation

The actual installation was the easiest part, wasn't it? After the installation, you are going to want to make sure you install the proper drivers for all of your hardware and reinstalling all of your programs. This shouldn't take terribly long. Next, you are going to want to connect to Windows Update and download all of the applicable updates (this will depend on whether you are using plain old Win98 or Win98 SE). After that is done, go through and install all of your custom settings, tweaks, etc. This includes putting your swap file on the new partition, if you chose to make one. Don't forget to use the other tweaks from Tweak3D! ;)

After you have installed and configured everything, and your system is in a somewhat stable state (you've removed all of your extra backups and the copy of the Win98 directory, and you aren't planning on installing anything for a while) run Scandisk and fix any errors. Then run the Disk Defragmenter and defragment all of your hard drives. Make sure that the "Arrange Program Files so my Programs Start Faster" setting is enabled for best performance.

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