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How to Install SDRAM Memory Into a PC (Page 1/5)

Written By: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy
Posted: July 10, 2001


Let me guess - your PC just isn't fast enough? When you open a lot of programs, the PC begins to chunk and slow down (kind of like your mom's 1974 Mercury Comet in the summer). It's okay. This is quite common. It is usually the result of not enough memory. Since you're reading this article, I'm assuming you've either already purchased more memory or you're trying to figure out what to buy that could help speed up your PC.

PCs without enough memory are like cars from
the '70s: slow, inefficient, and just plain ugly.

This article is written with beginners in mind - each step is clear and precise, and written so that someone with a minimal PC understanding can grasp its concepts. Even if you're really *new* to PCs, don't be alarmed. This article covers a very easy task.

If you're very impatient and don't care about safety precautions that could save your memory from damage during installation, head here for the installation process. Otherwise, keep reading.

In This Article...

In this article, we'll hit the following points:

- Differences between PC100 and PC133 (and others)
- CAS2 vs CAS3
- "ECC" and "Registered" memory
- Tools needed for installation
- Safety precautions
- Removing old RAM
- Installing new RAM

On the next page we'll start with the speed rating of RAM.

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