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How To Make a Windows 98/Windows NT 4.0 Dual Boot System (Page 4/5)

Posted: November 26, 1999
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Installing Windows NT 4.0

Microsoft did a moderately intelligent thing when they created the install program for NT4 - they allowed it to be installed from within Windows. To do it, though, you will need to use a particular command line option. Pop the WinNT install CD into your CD-ROM drive and go to the run box. Type in [x]:\i386\winnt /w where [x] is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive (ex: d:\i386\winnt /w). This will enable the installation to be done through Windows 98.

Now that the installation program is running, just follow the directions. You don't need to create the bootable floppies unless you have trouble installing WinNT without them (this happens occasionally - if you have trouble, you can always go back and make them). However, be aware that if you don't use the bootable floppies, make sure you tell the installation program to extract its setup files to the FAT16 drive, and not the FAT32 drive. Then you can just follow the instructions of the setup program until you get to a section that enables you to manage your disk partitions. You will want to create an NTFS partition (should take up the remainder of your drive) and point the installation program to install Windows NT 4.0 there.

There are several types of installation options - personally, I recommend that you use the custom install and choose exactly which parts of the OS you want installed. After this, the program will ask you to name your computer and help set up an administrator account (don't lose the password for it!). You only really want to use the administrator account when absolutely necessary (just like when using a UNIX or Linux box), so later on you will need to create a personal account.

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