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How To Make a Windows 98/Windows NT 4.0 Dual Boot System (Page 1/5)

Posted: November 26, 1999
Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan


Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Windows 98 is compatible with almost everything, has advanced 3D acceleration with DirectX 7.0 (NT4 only has support for DirectX 3.0), and is easier to use. However, NT4 is more secure, more stable, and faster than its more popular cousin. What do you do if you need both? You make a dual boot system!

Who Needs a Dual Boot System?

If I were to tell you that everyone needed to be running a copy of NT4 and Win98, not only would I be lying, but you'd probably scream as well. Both operating systems are expensive and it isn't always reasonable to have a copy of both. Here's an easy way to determine which operating systems you should be running on your computer.

Windows 98:

- DirectX Games
- Hardware Compatibility
- Added Usability
- Guaranteed Compatibility
- Limited Budget
- Older computer
- Less than 64 Mb. RAM
- Novice to Intermediate

Windows NT 4.0:

- Obsession with Speed
- Dual Processor System
- Stability
- Security
- Money to Burn
- Fairly new
- At Least 64 Mb. RAM
- Intermediate to Advanced

If you fit pretty closely in with one of the operating systems, but not the other, that is probably the OS you should be using. However, if your needs fluctuate between the two, you may benefit from running a dual boot system.

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