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How to Build a Computer [Part 1 of 3] (Page 1/4)

Written By: Keith "Farrel" McClellan
Posted: February 16, 2000
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Once again, I'm up to my old tricks. The time has passed, and I have written a variety of guides covering the installation of a plethora of different kinds of hardware and software. Well now you know, they were all designed to build up to this monstrosity of a computer hardware guide. And when you see what I have in store for you, you will understand why.


Oh boy, this is a big one. Are you ready to delve into the mind of the master of all computer builders, and more importantly, are you afraid? You should be...

- A listing of all the necessary parts, components, and tools that are necessary
- Safety Precautions
- Feature Case: The Addtronics 6890A Full Tower Case
- Getting in and around your computer case
- Installing your Motherboard
- Installing your Processor and RAM
- Installing your Add-in cards
- Cable Cleanup
- Installing your Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, and CD-ROM drive
- Booting up for the first time
- Troubleshooting Boot-up Problems
- Configuring the BIOS
- Installing Windows
- Troubleshooting a failed installation
- Initial Windows Setup
- System Cooling
- Overclocking


Here's a (somewhat) complete list of what you will need to build your computer. You may need other specific things depending on your particular choices in hardware (such as a slotkey).

Case - I personally recommend the Addtronics line of cases for your new computer. The feature case for this article is the Addtronics 6890a case, which is a full tower case with more than enough real estate for most users needs. Other companies also make some good cases - I have worked with Enlight cases previously and have been very satisfied with them. As for power-supplies, go with the ones that come with the case as long as they are at least 250 watts (300 is better), unless your specific computer (Athlon...) requires a more expensive one.

Motherboard - This really depends on the type of system you are trying to build, but both ABIT and ASUS make very good motherboards, and if you get a board made by one of those companies, you are sure to be satisfied.

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