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How to Build Your Own PC (Page 4/9)

Posted: September 09, 2002
Written by: Chris Angelini

Step Three: Making Memories

Depending on what type of motherboard youíve got, there may be some variation in how memory is installed. Still, there are a few general rules of thumb youíll want to abide by. First, donít immerse the modules in water.
Tweak Tip!
Be sure not to mix memory types. PC2700 DDR RAM does little good alongside PC1600 RAM.
Second, pay close attention to the type of RAM supported by your motherboard. Some boards support both PC133 and DDR memory, but the majority is constrained to a single standard. If DDR is your poison of choice, note that the modules will only fit into the 184-pin slots one way. Boards that support 16-bit RDRAM require that two modules be used at a time. If the board has four slots and youíve only got two modules, be sure that the remaining two are terminated with a CRIMM module (usually included with i850 motherboards). The installation process itself is simple: pull the plastic clips on each end of the slot, inset the module according to the slotís keying, and apply equal force to the entire module until it clicks into place. Repeat, if necessary.

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