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NVIDIA GeForce 256 Wallpaper

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I had several requests for this, so I made three different wallpaper designs from uncompressed GeForce 256 images. Note that when you download these, they are zipped bitmaps so you will need Winzip or another program to unzip them. Don't use the JPEG images. Use the zipped up bitmaps because these are perfectly clear and uncompressed. Note that these are designed for a 1024x768 desktop, but can be applied to any desktop if you resize them.

3D Tree Background

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Click to download .ZIP (1.68 MB)

Porsche Boxster Background

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Click to download .ZIP (248 KB)

NVIDIA GeForce 256 Logo Background

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Click to download .ZIP (50 KB)

How to Install

Choose the Windows background you want and download the .ZIP file above. When the download has completed, unzip the file to your Windows directory (usually C:\Windows). Right click your desktop and choose Properties. Click the Background tab at the top of the window on the left. Click the area below Wallpaper and scroll down until you find tweak3d1, tweak3d2, or tweak3d3 (depending on which background you downloaded). Click center and then click OK.

If you run your desktop at a higher resolution than 1024x768, either stretch the wallpaper to the screen or download a program like Paint Shop Pro which you can use to resize the image to your liking. It should still look fantastic.

I can't promise these will be here forever, so if you want them, grab 'em now, while you can.

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