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Extreme GeForce Cooling and Overclocking (Page 4/5)

Posted: February 23, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy
Units supplied by: The Card Cooler

Still Working!

After I installed the slot fan, I realized I had a problem: there was nothing to hold up the 120mm fans! I panicked and looked around my room frantically until I found a hard drive rail that would do the job. Rather than stick the fans directly on the GeForce (which could short out the card or stop the fan from spinning), I needed something to space it out. So I bolted the 120mm fan into the drive rail and put a nut on the other end of the bolt. Then I mounted the adjacent side of the rail to the holes for ventilation above the video card using another #6 bolt. Only 1 bolt lined up on the rail for the 120mm fan and for the case, so I screwed both in tight. Here's a pic:

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With a 1" gap or so between the GeForce and the 120mm fan (blowing down on the card), this was just enough room to let the card breathe, for now. Also, I cleaned up the dust after installing the slot fan. I couldn't stand it anymore.

Installing the second 120mm fan was a bit more tricky. There was no room to mount it in most places, and the other places had no way to hold the card up in place. I decided the best place for this fan would be directly behind the GeForce. I put it in its place, resting faithfully right above my Pentium II CPU. I put bolts with nuts through the fan and into the other fan, but it refused to stay completely steady. So finally I decided to use that good ol' rule of thumb: "When all else fails, use duct tape!"
Seeing that duct tape might look a little tacky, I actually ended up using electric tape. It worked fine and held the fan completely stable. Here's a picture of the completed project:

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I plugged in all the cables and started up Windows. I turned on the Honeywell fan and left the case sides off. How well did it do?

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