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Extreme GeForce Cooling and Overclocking (Page 1/5)

Posted: February 23, 2000
Written by: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy
Units supplied by: The Card Cooler


As of right now, I have exactly 8 hours before I usually wake up for school. Yes, I'm starting an article at midnight, and every minute it takes to write this article is a minute of sleep I have lost.

But I'm not worried about that, because I'm on a mission...

When you have a GeForce 256 DDR in your PC, about $100 in PC cooling equipment in a box next to your desk, and a digital camera to capture it all, it's hard to resist the urge to plug it all in and see what you can do. There's no real practical purpose to doing this... but it's fun! So, I give you my latest creation: "Extreme GeForce Cooling and Overclocking"! Technically, this guide and the techniques apply to any video card, but a GeForce was used for the tests.

What I Used

As I mentioned above, I had about $100 in cooling equipment just sitting in a box, waiting for our next project (that I will be starting this weekend, most likely). Included are: two 120mm fans, a slot cooler, a 50mm fan taken from a Pentium II cooler, a 40mm TOYO fan I used for my original TNT Tweak Guide, and a 50mm heatsink/fan made for cooling video cards. I wasn't planning on using all of these at once because there just wasn't enough room inside my teeny, cramped, mid-ATX tower... but they were all available.

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Note: The only coolers I actually used for this project were the two huge 120mm fans and the slot cooler. The credit card was added so you'll know just how big these fans are. The airflow for these Sunon 120mm fans is about 90 CFM each (combined total of 180 CFM) and the slot cooler claims 42 CFM, I believe. The total between all three coolers should be about 242 CFM, if the manufacturers' claims are correct.

But wait, no reason to stop there! I looked around my room for the ultimate cooling device and I found one of my favorites: my Honeywell 215mm fan. This fan isn't for computers, but rather for cooling small rooms. It pumps out more air than any other fan in my house, and it is quite small. Since it uses a standard outlet and it can be placed directly next to my case, I decided... why not use it?

Click to enlarge

Isn't that a big nice fan? It sure makes the massive 120mm fans look small. You wouldn't believe the amount of air this thing moves (and the noise it makes)!

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