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Interview with Kelt Reeves, President of Falcon Northwest (Page 3/3)

Posted: September 11, 1999
Written by: Keith "Farrel" McClellan

Tweak3D: How do Mach V gaming systems compare to home grown custom built PC's (such as one a hobbyist would put together)? Are they just as fast, and more importantly, are they just as easy to upgrade?

Kelt: Not to insult the hobbyists out there, but (overclocking aside) they are faster. If anyone could slap together a PC that could beat ours, someone would've taken us out in one of these competitions over the years. We're lucky enough to have the resources to test all the brands of a particular component before we choose one. The components we choose aren't based on someone's say so, we know they are the best for speed, reliability and compatibility. As for upgradeability, it's one of the MACH V series' greatest strengths. We have fantastic repeat business - customers who upgrade their machine on a yearly basis. Nothing is integrated in the MACH V series, so you can always upgrade sound, video, even motherboard with the latest and greatest.

Tweak3D: How much more money is a Falcon Northwest going to cost me than a "comparable" PC from a larger company or an off the shelf? Top of the line, built by hand computers are great for the guy with $3,200 to drop, but what about a guy who's only got $1,800? Can your systems still beat out the competition in the lower price ranges?

Kelt: We're extremely price competitive for high end systems, but we haven't been able to compete the way we want to in the sub $2,000 price range before. That will be changing. Since our MACH V's case, motherboard & power supply cost 3 times as much as the mass production companies', there has been no way we could compete below $2,000 and still keep up the quality we're known for. But just last week we sent off the first prototype of our new "TALON" line of PC's to review. It's the first true high performance sub $2,000 Gaming PC. We were able to manage it because 3dfx designed a motherboard specifically for us with a Voodoo 3 3500 and Aureal Vortex 2 audio on the board. TALON won't be as upgradeable or extreme as our custom MACH V series, but it cuts no corners on gaming performance. Right now we're looking at late October for shipping them, and when you see the configurations you'll be amazed at the value!

Tweak3D: In view of the recent shift towards things that aren't Microsoft, does your company have any plans to support other operating systems, such as Linux?

Kelt: Although the web community has embraced Linux quite well, we have never even had anyone ask for it. It's still a "fringe" operating system, like OS/2 was. Despite its benefits, I think most gamers are more concerned with compatibility. Hopefully it will pick up more steam, but right now the game software companies won't even give you tech support for non-Windows systems.

Thanks Kelt. For more information on their products, etc., check out their website.

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