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Inside Ticket: Microsoft (Page 3/4)

Posted: May 19, 2000
Written by: Tuan "Solace" Nguyen

What I Think... (cont.)

Well, okay then, switch over to another OS and lets see you enjoy a PC to its fullest. Windows is the OS for hardware support: graphics cards, sound cards, and multimedia cards like the Sigma Hollywood RealMagic (who doesn't love that card). Anyone not in favor of a little bit of Aureal or Creative full blown support for features such as A3D3.0 and EAX3.0? I thought so. And who doesn't like full featured, full speed DirectX support? GeForce 2 GTS anyone? How about Voodoo 5? The gaming industry is built upon Windows and DirectX. Where would we be now without them? Do you think with all the kernel builds and modifications out there, Linux would be the ultimate gaming platform? Hardly. What about a Macintosh? Well gee, "let's not license our technology and benefit from that." What has happened? Lack of hardware support, software support, and of all things, gaming support. Only recently have other manufacturers started to produce anything that's not already obsolete on a Windows machine.

Microsoft also makes great accessories for your computer: game controllers, mice, speakers, etc. You've got to love the IntelliMouse type mice innovation. What about the IntelliMouse Explorer Pro with the IntelliEye technology? Look how "Star Wars-like" it is. Natural Keyboard? It saves me so much time. ForceFeedback Pro? Amazing. Microsoft makes games that people like to play (well, Microsoft publishes them, mostly). Examples of this are Age of Empires 1 or 2 and Motocross Madness. Microsoft also has an Internet service that a lot of people actually use and like.

But the most important application and issue is Internet Explorer. My take on it is that it is great. It is highly integrated into the OS, but that is a good thing in this case. I can surf the web from any folder I want. I can even put an address bar onto my Taskbar. Can any other browser offer this type of integration? And finally, it's fast! Let's compare it to Navigator 4.7 (most commonly used). Navigator takes quite a while to load even on a fast machine. IE, well, why open IE when you just surf from My Computer? Or wherever you may be on your computer. And besides, Navigator has some compatibility issues. And most of all, it's freely integrated. I personally don't want to go to the store and pick up another browser when IE does the job elegantly.

Integration, speed, compatibility, versatility, portability, accessibility, and more. What more can I ask for?

Microsoft has also participated in many industry standards. All these things have pushed hardware manufacturers to produce cutting edge products. The ladder? Windows, DirectX, Hardware, Gaming. They coexist almost like an equilibrium.

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