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Dreamcast Preview/Interview

Posted: June 21, 1999
Written by: Sangfroid


Whilst the name 'Dreamcast' might sound dorky, this machine really does rock the casbah. Putting my loyalty to my PC aside, the Dreamcast is the most extreme piece of kit this side of a Silicon Graphics workstation. I'll get to the point: I've played Sonic Adventure extensively and I can say without hesitation that it has the most impressive graphics I have EVER seen in a game, bar none.

The specifications of the DC are mindblowing. One thing you PC fanatics must remember is that the Dreamcast hardware is optimised to work within the DC environment. In a Dreamcast, all the parts are standardised and proprietary- however, when you use a PC 3D accelerator, the graphics card isn't tightly tuned to the rest of your system. Sure, the theoretical specifications of your PCs 3D card might appear similar to that of the PowerVR2DC. But a variety of factors, including slight hardware incompatibility, loose software implementation and generic parts, means that a present day PC doesn't approach the Dreamcast's real world graphical prowess.

But for all gamers, it's the playability that counts. And the current line-up of games has it in spades. With its superb on-line capabilities, insane graphics and with a large array of 3rd party developers working on titles, the DC is set to deliver the goods. If Sega can mount a successful marketing campaign and get a few more big name titles out the door, the DC should salvage their reputation lost after the debacle that was the Saturn.

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